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Invest in your musical and financial future by taking one of them!

You can take both sections of this course or one at a time.

See below for pricing and course details.

Entrepreneurial Skills Taught

Studio vision statement, skill set survey, branding, policies, pricing and packages, being your own boss, scheduling & bookkeeping, website, marketing, and social media.

Pedagogy Skills Taught

Onboarding a student, teaching vocal function and cross training different styles and vocal productions, aligment, inhalation, phonation, egagement, designing vocalises, teaching resonance, different age groups, and  storytelling.  Our weekly synchronous Pedagogy Practicum where you ask questions from your own teaching is a big perk.

Pedagogy to Performance

See below for pricing and course details.

Why Cross Train?

In today's market, you will need both mix/belt and classical training.  

Don't try to "fake it until you make it!" You and your students deserve better!

Course Content

Anatomical instruction, kinesthetic comparison, performance application, style ear training, and pedagogical observation of each other.




Praise for Starting Your Studio

"I'm so grateful for this class and I hope many will take advantage of it." - Anna


Praise for Starting Your Studio

"There were so many things that I'd never thought of!" - Avery


Starting Your Studio Schedule & Pricing

You can take this course in multiple ways: 

  1. Entrepreneurship Workshop:  12 weeks long, offered 1-2 a year with training modules, homework, and weekly entrepreneurship feedback in a Zoom classroom setting.
  2. Pedagogy Workshop:  12 weeks long, offered 1-2 times a year, with 29 training modules and a weekly pedagogy practicum answering your questions, including analysis of your students.
  3. Entrepreneurship & Pedagogy Workshop:  the above two courses will be held in subsequent hours and can be taken at the same time.
  4. Pedagogy:  29 pre-recorded modules availbe to start at any time and at your own pace.  Includes two 30-minute private pedagogy lessons where you can ask questions and/or bring in clips of your students.

Entrepreneurship would be a good fit for a new teacher, or a seasoned teacher, wanting to build their business. 

Pedagogy would be a good fit for a new teacher who needs foundational information, or a seasoned teacher wanting additional professional development in both classical and mix/belt productions.

When and Where:  The course will be held on Zoom (because there are students from across the country) at a time to be determined.  I just finished these courses and will annouce future dates.  If you wish to be notified of those dates, email [email protected]

Course Design:  Some portions of the course will be flipped with reflective/research assignments (entrepreneurship)  and watching the pre-recorded course content in advance of class to be discussed in class.  The many hours of pedagogical training are divided up into 20-ish minute increments you can watch on your phone or laptop.  Other portions of the course will be presentations, answering your pedagogical questions or master class style.   

Pricing: (these are a screaming good deals to get to learn everything it took me decades to learn ... the hard way)

  • Pedagogy & Entrepreneurship Workshop:  $800.00 (made in two payments of $400) 
  • Entrepreneurship Workshop:  $450 (made in two payments of $225)
  • Pedagogy: $400 (made in one payment of $400.)
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Ready to Teach?

For many years I have wanted to provide this training for my young colleagues... because the rest of us were thrown in the deep end! Let me be your lifesaver!

Vocal Cross Training: Pedagogy to Performance Schedule & Pricing

Why this course?  I thought I was so prepared to teach. I had a masters degree from an internationally renowned  conservatory and lots of singing under my belt.  In less than one week of teaching, I realized I really wasn't prepared to be an independent studio teacher.  Why?  Because I could only sing and teach in one style.  My students expected me to be able to teach them music theater, pop, jazz, classical, etc. Not gonna lie, that was a punch in the face I didn't see coming.  Word to the wise, in my 21 years of teaching, I have only had a handful of students who wanted to exclusively study classical vocal production.  Adaption or Extinction time.  I chose Adaption, which has been a big but delicious learning curve.  Let me give you a shortcut!

When and Where:  The course will be held on Zoom (because there are students from across the country).  I just finished this course and will be posting upcoming dates.  If you wish to be notified of these dates, email [email protected]

Course Design:  Each class period will begin with pedagogical instruction having to do with the differences between classical and mix/belt breathing, conditioning warm-ups, vocal tract shaping, vocal fold configuration, styling, vocal production analysis, amplification, ornamentation, and storytelling.  The remaining class time will feature student performances and subsequent master class style feedback referencing and building on the pedagogical instruction.

Pricing:  $600 (made in two payments)


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Course Prices and Registration

Vocal Cross Training Workshop: Pedagogy to Performance


(two payments of $300.00)

  • Eight week course
  • 2 hours a week
  • Pedagogical instruction comparing classical and mix/belt vocal production & styling
  • Master class practicum with student performances
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Starting Your Studio: Entrepreneurship & Pedagogy Workshop


(two monthly payments of $400)

  • 12-week Course
  • Two in-class hours per week
  • Hours of online content
  • Build business skill set (see Entrepreneurship for more details)
  • Build pedagogical skill set (see Pedagogy for more details)
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Starting Your Studio: Entrepreneurship Workshop


(two payments of $225)

  • Hours of online content and worksheets
  • 1 in-class hour per week
  • Branding and website
  • Policies, pricing and packages
  • Scheduling and bookkeeping
  • Marketing and social media
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Starting Your Studio: Pedagogy Workshop


(two payments of $225)

  • Hours of online content and handouts
  • 1 in-class Pedagogy Practicum weekly
  • Vocal function
  • Cross training 
  • Breathing 1, 2, 3
  • Designing vocalises
  • Teaching resonance
  • Age groups specifics
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(one payment)

  • 29 pre-recorded modules at your own pace
  • Two 30-minute private pedagogy lessons
  • Age specific instructions
  • Handouts
  • Vocal function & anatomy
  • Designing vocalises
  • Cross training
  • Breathing 1, 2, 3
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About Dr. Ruth Ellis

Ruth has enjoyed singing numerous operatic and music theater roles and from Queens to Wardrobes and concertizes regularly having sung 58 concerts in venues across the nation and a few across the pond. Of one performance the New York Daily News reported she sang with “soaring dramatic authority.” Ruth thoroughly enjoys teaching voice in both the classical and contemporary areas at BYU, she taught crossover voice at Snow College for five years, has taught at the Ruth Ellis Vocal Academy since 2000 and is a frequent guest teacher/presenter at many other schools and universities across the country.  Ruth is currently serving as Governor of the NATS Cal Western Region and sits on the NATS National Board.  Dr. Ellis earned her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at the Manhattan School of Music and studied and performed in New York for fourteen years. She earned her Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Utah and completed the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute training at Shenandoah Conservatory.  Ruth and her husband of 34 years are the proud parents of six children.

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