Writing a Mission Statement

#entrepreneurship Apr 26, 2023

Writing a mission statement is an important beginning step. This might seem silly, but it is, in fact, foundational! A mission statement can function as both a governing document to help you decide what to offer and what not to offer in your studio, and a mantra to remind you why you chose this path and the role you want to fill in the art form. Your mission statement can also be included on your website so prospective students know what you value and what you offer. Take the time to ponder what is important to you as a performer and as a pedagogue. This reflective exercise can be very helpful in organizing your thoughts and your studio.

 What wonderful things did you learn from your teachers? What do you wish your teachers had taught you more of? What skills have you gained that you could pass on to your students? What do you think makes a complete performance?

 What do you consider to be the foundations of good vocal technique? Will you offer cross-training? What styles of vocal production are you prepared to teach? 

 Will you focus strictly on vocal technique? Do you value storytelling? What part will storytelling play in your studio’s training? Will you teach performance anxiety strategies? Will you create performance opportunities? 

 What demographics are you prepared to teach? Do you have age groups you want to focus on? Will you work with differently-abled students? 

 What vibe do you want to have in your studio? Do you accept all students? Do you audition students? 

 Perhaps when you write your first mission statement, you will realize that you don’t have all the training you need to be the teacher you want to be. So, go get it! Professional development should be an ongoing investment you make into your studio. There is so much to learn and so many ways of teaching. I have been teaching for almost 22 years and I continue to take classes, read books, attend conferences, etc. Learning is energizing!