Schedule a "Starting Your Studio" presentation

for your students today! 

It can be on Zoom or in person. 

It lasts about an hour.

Why am I donating my time?  For years I have watched the frequently painful slump that many students experience after college graduation.  It has been breaking my heart to watch them struggle through the difficulties of learning how to monetize their music degrees. Lessons with my own students in this stage of life have increasingly begun to include both pedagogy and entrepreneurship.

It would be wonderful if this training were a part of more music degrees.  Since it isn't, I want to help bridge the gap. 

If you wish to schedule or have questions, reach out via email to start the scheduling process:  [email protected].



Dr. Diana Allan, NATS National President

"It is my pleasure to sing Ruth’s praises.  She very generously Zoomed in to my studio class in the fall to discuss the best practices of setting up and running an independent voice studio.  Her presentation was interesting, well organized and full of wonderful tips from her years of experience as a successful voice teacher."

Dr. Laurissa Backlin, Associate Professor of Voice, Carson-Newman University 

"I'm pleased to highly recommend Dr. Ruth Ellis as a guest speaker for your vocal studio!  Dr. Ellis has maintained a private vocal studio for many years, and her knowledge of building a client base was extremely helpful when she spoke to my students via Zoom in August 2022.  She also gave practical advice on bookkeeping, billing, and tax issues.  Dr. Ellis showed in her presentation that she has the entrepreneurship background necessary to run a successful and profitable studio.  Bringing her as a guest speaker will help point your students in the right direction as they consider becoming voice teachers and running their own private studio."  

Mindy Ammons, Adjunct Voice Professor, Brigham Young University 

"Ruth Ellis is a skilled and gifted teacher and performer with extensive pedagogical and entrepreneurial experience and expertise. Her program for starting a studio is excellent and comprehensive. It provides vital information that can be used by teachers at all levels, from beginning to established. She is engaging and knowledgeable, and she is a regular lecturer for my Supervised Teaching class, a university-level course for undergraduate and graduate vocal performance majors. Her presentation and information is invaluable."