Teacher Interviews & Research

#entrepreneurship Apr 26, 2023

I never like to learn things the hard way. I find it such an unnecessary waste of time and effort. So, I tend to ask for advice in advance. I would encourage you to consider doing the same. 

 As you are developing your studio, research some teachers you admire or some teachers in your area. You can glean from their websites, if they have one. You could ask former or current teachers for advice. You could offer to take them to lunch, email them some questions or schedule a phone call. Occasionally one of my advanced students uses their lesson time for entrepreneurial or pedagogical advice (which is one reason why I started courses on these topics:).

 I would also encourage you to interview both academic and independent studio teachers. Their answers to the questions below could be quite different. Other kinds of teachers might also have helpful ideas so perhaps look at the dance/art/acting/instrumental teachers in your area.

 You might want to find out about:

  • their rates
  • how they handle marketing
  • what genres they trained in and teach
  • their favorite pedagogical books/training programs
  • their training in performance/pedagogy/marketing/acting/body work, etc.
  • their studio policies
  • how do they handle scheduling
  • do they keep lesson notes
  • how do they structure a lesson
  • how do they manage student payments

 Be sure to ask the things they wished they had known before starting their studio. It is quite likely they have experienced things that haven't yet entered your mind as a possibility.